Heart of the Great Turtle Island – Gchi Mshiikenh Deh Minising


We need to raise $1.5 million over five years in order to receive a federal grant of $500,000. The total $2 million raised will be used to transform our vision to an actionable site plan, and to begin construction on projects. We need your help to reach our goal. Consider making a donation of any size – every little bit makes a difference – today.

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Are you interested in learning more about our collaborative and the project? Are you part of a business or organization that shares our vision to develop a heritage plan for Straits State Park that inspires reflection, learning and healthy life styles built around the Anishinaabe and French heritage of the region? We would love to talk to you. Please contact Sandra Clark, Michigan History Center director, at 517-335-2591 or ClarkSS@michigan.gov or use the contact form.